Keisha "Starr" Archer was born in New York City to Guyanese parents but moved to Atlanta at the age of 1. Starr has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started her first business. Starr's Stage Apparel, at the age of 24 to serve the needs of Atlanta's exotic talent. Then desiring to provide beauty services to women who were not on a typical work schedule, she opened her nail bar, Polish at 12, which stayed open until midnight.

After becoming a mother to her daughter, Starr began to waist train and she decided she could sell waist trainers at her nail salon. Starr was seeing tremendous interest in the waist trainers she was selling at Polish at 12. Starr noticed that women really wanted to make changes to their bodies. Always being conscious of cost and time Starr decided that non-invasive procedures would be just the thing Atlanta had been waiting for. Starr sold her nail salon and moved her business closer to her roots in Decatur.

Starr has grown into a highly sought after educators businesswoman and beauty industry specialist. Today, Starr helps entrepreneurs and business owners st., scale and brand their businesses. Her unique techniques include hands on marketing strategies, guides to improving credit score and tips on the best way to structure a business. She also travels the world providing hands on technical training in non invasive liposuction, teeth whitening, skin tightening and more. Most importantly she teaches the importance of evading business with innovation. The business owners she coaches are taught to think outside the box and seek customers by offering what the competition doesn't. Starr has been featured on Bravo and VH1 offering her services to celebrity clientele.



1600 W Cleveland Ave,
East Point, GA 30344​
Monday; 4:00pm-7:00pm | Tuesday-Friday: 11:00am-7:00pm | Saturday 11:00-6:00pm | Sunday: closed
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